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How to be efficient in Statistics

How to be efficient in StatisticsA lot of students struggle to be an expert in numbers early on during their schooling or college life, as the difficulty level of modules increase with every passing year; the number problem becomes even more complicated. It is important for students to understand their areas of academic weakness and work on them before they become a problem in more advanced levels of education.

For students, apart from calling out to people saying: do my stats homework or help with math assignment, there are a few easy tips to adopt and help improve themselves on numbers:

–          Spare time study: A weakness can only be overcome through hard work, dedication and practice which means giving more time to something in order to strengthen it

–          Find a mentor: To analyze your weakness and find ways of improving upon it, find someone who is either an expert or has gone through the same problems, they are the best people who can help you identify the exact area of your weakness and also suggest you possible solutions to addressing it.

–          Do not rely on calculators: The key to improving with numbers is not having to rely on technology, unless it is imperative to use a calculator avoid it, because it stops your brain to efficiently think or work.

–          Concentrate:  Numbers and mathematics is something that needs concentration and full focus, always practice in a study friendly environment. If you have distractions around, your mind will never be able to focus on the assignment and your practice will always suffer.

–          Find assistance besides class lectures: Extra help is always fruitful when it comes to academic studying or training. Try to attend workshops, class programs or look for a tutor that provides extra classes, this will help you focus and practice more on the subject.

–          Admit your weakness: Do not try to overpower your weakness by staying in denial, admit the fact that your numbers are weak and you need to work on it, finding excuses to stay away from actual problem will always result in prolonging your area of weakness and nothing else, there will be a time when you will not be able to run away with it anymore.

Be it mathematics or some other discipline, every student has some or the other weakness and areas that they can improve on, it is then up to the student’s capacity to understand and start working towards it.

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