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Many challenges to face while transitioning from high school to college

The high school experience of the students is not adequate enough to prepare them for the life ahead, let alone the job sector. Students who quit education after high school not just put a stop at their source of knowledge and skill, but also put a halt to their character building. Many students, afraid of the challenges a college life may bring end their education there. They think that they have enough knowledge and ability to withstand the wear and tear of their routine as well as professional life. Well, they are certainly wrong. Ending high school and maturing into a college adult is a big evolution. It is true that college life comes with change, uncertainty, pressure, danger and possibilities, but it also accompanies with greater choices, endless experiences, new friends, more freedom and greater expectations.

Many students think that it is just the hard work and the pressure of assignments, tests and deadlines which is horrifying and with a bit of a paper help they will do wonders, but many students find it difficult to open to new faces, handle the responsibility. College gives adequate experiences for the evolution to adult life. It is a time-consuming procedure which deepens with age and one should be prepared for this transition.

Students should be prepared for this conversion by exploring their interests and make a plan of how to go about it. College is two steps ahead of high school and needs extra hard work. Time management is the key to hard work. This means getting more disciplined and focused. In high school the instructors have divided the time of the day in periods allocating time to every subject, but on the split side you need to manage and distribute and allocate the time to everything that is important yourself in accordance to self advocacy.

There is a sudden and great change in the workload as the transition occurs. Preparing for every class is very important while doing many other assignments side by side.

With the amount of work the other thing that increases massively is responsibility. You are held responsible for your faults. Nobody will run after you to give assignments or tasks on time. The teachers would not call your parents over your low attendance and the teacher would not be held responsible for your bad grade.

So if it’s you in the transition period, best of luck for the four years ahead. Many students through their hard work and good management skills make up to the end of the college year with flying colors, why not you?


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