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Problems faced by college students who do part time jobs

The structure of education is changing with the passage of time. Students around the world find themselves overburdened with academic assignments. Especially college pupils suffer from this scenario more. Keeping good grades along with the job is the toughest task for college going students.


Challenges of working students: At the college level, students suffer a great deal of challenges. Focusing on studies with the off campus jobs can be tricky. This is the time when most of the students are stepping into a professional world. According to researchers most of the college students that work have a negative effect on their educational performance. Even their class participation is affected by the study time being shortened. According to another study, working students suffer from limited hours of support services like tutoring, libraries etc. At this stage most of the students reach at a point of questioning- Can I pay someone to do my algebra homework? To unburden themselves from their hectic routine.

Balancing work and college:  Nowadays, post secondary education is becoming very expensive. This is the reason behind most of the students doing off-campus jobs. And this can lead to a number of problems for working students. It diminishes a sense of belonging from them. It also results in minimal face interaction with the college professors. Meeting deadlines becomes another great issue. In such situation college students tend to take help from online professional writers to cut themselves some slack from work.


Balancing college and family: At college level students have to balance college with family as well. Especially for those with children or who have aging parents. They suffer the most because they face a great deal of difficulty in completing their academic tasks. Such situations are the basis of low attendance, poor college performance and late assignment submission. Time management is another issue for these students.

Solutions for college students: According to researchers, there are plenty of steps that colleges can take to help learners who do part- time jobs. As per the academic  steps, studies should be re- structured to fit students’ busy routine. Colleges should schedule courses in blocks so the learners can plan job commitment around their consecutive classes.

 Due to all the above mentioned challenges, college pupils tend to pay online services for getting their academic assignments done. This not only gives them time to concentrate on their job, but also to create a healthy balance between the social and educational life.



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