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Time management to keep a balance between studies and outdoor activities

Every student is stuck between the choices of studying, playing and socializing every part of every day. If you keep studying and ignore the other two, you will be the geek who cares about nothing else but studies. And if you go for the other two choices most of the time, then you will start to flunk and hence might be kicked out of the sports team or even school or college. Hence there should be a balance between these activities to ensure that you are mentally, physically and emotionally fit.

time management studiesIt’s not an easy task to balance this triangle, but with proper planning you can do wonders. First of all, you need to make a timetable that is realistic and allocates enough time to each of these activities. Of course, studies should be a priority, once you are done with homework writing, you can go to your friends and play or socialize like on parties or social media without feeling guilty.

If you know there is a party in the evening and you won’t be able to work, utilize your free time in school. Free periods should be utilized by sitting in the library and studying. Unless the assignments are extraordinarily big, you should allocate about five to six hours for studying and if there is no assignment then you should study what you learned that day. This will prepare you for those horrible surprise quizzes. Make a study group and ask all your friends to join so that when you study none of you feels like going out and socializing. You need focus and dedication to make this work.

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